If you cannot find the answer to what you are looking for here, check the English homepage or send us a mail at kuratelet@blekingska.se!

Q: What is Blekingska Nationen?
A: Blekingska is one of thirteen student nations in Lund. The nations are organisations that help students during their time in Lund by providing housing, camaraderie and fun events. It used to be that one would join the nation corresponding to what part of Sweden one was from, but that is not necessarily the case anymore.

Blekingska is the only nation in west Lund (but we are soon moving to the east side, close to LTH) and we are very proud of our live shows, our pubs and our ball Höstblotet. Read more about our events here and here!

Q: How do the nations function? What do you do at Blekingska?
A: The nations are run by students at Lund University. All of us who work here except the Kurator and Prokurator, who are responsible for running the nation and the nations economy, are volunteers. Together we run pubs, clubs, brunches, balls and other fun things for ourselves and for other students in Lund! Some of us also live at Blekingska in one of the almost 90 apartments and corridor rooms. We cooperate with all the other nations on many things, but we work extra closely with the other ‘Gudrun’-nations (named after a Swedish lady who used to play the triangle on TV in the 70s. Makes perfect sense) Wermlands Nation and Kalmar Nation.

Q: Why should I join Blekingska?
A: Aside from us being the best and most fun of all the nations, you also need a nation membership to go to any nation activities. Joining us gives you cheaper entrance to our clubs, the possibility to get an apartment in one of our houses and the possibility to get active at the nation as a tjänsteman or kuratelare. Read more about how to apply for housing here!

Q: Do I lose anything from joining Blekingska instead of another nation?
A: Unless the other nation has any discounts like we have on our club entry, then no. You can still go to all the other nations events and work at other nations if you join Blekingska. The exception is if you want to become a tjänsteman/förman or live at another nation, then you will have to change your nation membership.

Q: Can I change my nation membership to Blekingska if I have joined another nation?
A: Yes, come by during our open hours and we will help you!

Q: Can I sign up for Blekingska online?
A: Sadly, technology in Sweden is not that developed yet. You’ll have to make it to our nation building at Måsvägen 11. Take the 4 towards Gunnesbo and get off at Måsens Vårdcentral.

Q: Why should I work at Blekingska?
A: Volunteering with us gives you many benefits:

  • Bar, kitchen, or other useful experience

  • Food tickets and invitiations to thank-you parties

  • Free entrance to the club on the same night

  • Moves you up in the housing queue

  • A fantastic camaraderie that you can spend all your free time on when you become Kurator

Join the facebook group Work at Blekingska to not miss your opportunity to work with us! Also, send a mail to our ball-tjänstemän if you want to work our ball Höstblotet!

Q: Are any of you, like, actually from Blekinge county?
A: We have a few!

Q: You say you are a music nation but why do you only play Smash Mouth and Darude on the afterparties?
A: No comment.

Q: I heard something about a stolen goose?
A: Question time is up.