Live Shows

At Blekingska we are proud to be the main stage of Lunds student life. With a focus on pop and indie but also more niche sounds like reggae and balkan we’ve had bands and artists like Broder Daniel, Billie the Vision and the Dancers, General Knas, Junior Brielle, Discoteka Yugostyle, Postiljonen, Solen and Timo Räisänen on our stage through the years. Keep an eye out for posters around town or check our facebook page or Studentlunds calendar to not miss when we’ve booked something cool!



A few times per term we convert Onsdagspuben or Sonjas to tastings of different kinds of drinks. We’ve had tastings of Beer by women-led breweries, wines from different parts of the world, local beers and many other things. These events tend to be very popular so make sure you check our facebook or Studentlunds calendar so you and your friends get your spots!




Every autumn Blekingskas large ball is held in AF-borgen. Songs are sung, speeches are held, honorary members instated, the punsch arrives, ball radio is aired (?) and then things tend to get out of hand until ballunch when it gets even worse. You don’t want to miss this!




Every year Blekingska and our friends from other nations and faculties go to Gothenburg and bike a Tandem bike relay race back to Lund. Aside from biking we can also offer partying on a bus (a life-changing experience) and outdoor discos!


Backhamres Backanal


Our spring party where we celebrate those who have been contributing to Blekingska, both now and throughout the years. If you are active at the nation or have been it’s the perfect start of the summer, a way to experience the history of the nation and make connections for the future!