Ny termin och nya möjligheter!

The fall is here and we're changing things up a bit! Here's a brief summary so everyone is on the notes.

The week:
- Every week we will be hosting Sonjas Ölcafé (Sonjas Beer Café), now with new longer opening hours between 4 pm and 10 pm. Sonjas is a typical beer café with an exciting choice of drinks accompanied with interesting gastronomic debauchery from the chef. Expect everything from intricate east asian dishes to classical Swedish homemade meals. Always with good drinks to choose between. Sonjas is the obvious place to go each Friday – Have the Friday you want!

- The all time favorite Onsdagspuben (The Wednesday Pub) will continue, but now every UNEVEN week. Expect the same pub as always, meaning tasty comfort food and a good hangout session. We will also have recurring events like pubspelningar and quizar.

- Söndagsbrunchen (the Sunday Brunch) will be hosted every EVEN week. Our Brunchtjänstemän will fix you a buffet that beats whatever you have at home in the fridge. Think freshly baked bread, crépes, coffee and pastries. There will be both savory and sweet! Come if you're hungover, come if you're ready to carpe the diem.

- Our live shows will continue as usual and we'll continue to book the artists both we and you enjoy. Last year we hosted, among many, SolenBroder John and Hater. The live shows will take place at our klubbkväll Indigo Live.
- Club nights will be hosted every four weeks and be announced beforehand. It'll be classic nights with Historiepoparna and sweaty nights at Indigo.
- Sittnings for both smaller and larger groups will continue as usual. New for this year is that we'll offer the opportunity to customize the sittning. Select the music and theme for both the dinner and the after-party. Contact q@blekingska.se for more info.